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The Mud Truck Army is a coalition force of mudding enthusiasts across this great nation and around the world. As the Army grows we plan to create new resources for mud truck drivers and mud bog events to come together and grow as one community. Soon to come, is a comprehensive resource for mud bog events and open trails, an online magazine and a forum where you can share tips and tricks. We will also offer ways for you to participate by sending in photos for our Facebok and Instagram pages.

Mud Truck Army Cargo

We Are The Official Wear of the mudding lifestyle. Every week we release new designs in mudding clothing and gear. The first week that a new product is released, we offer it at a discounted price to you, the soldiers of the Mud Truck Army.

The Countdown at the top of the website relays information on the next shipment of gear to leave our cargo hold. Get your Mud Truck Army gear before the time runs out, and your order will be shipped on the date listed.

So don’t miss out on the Mudding Revolution that is sweeping the nation. Be one with the Mud Truck Army today!

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